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“Last night I spent a couple of hours in Second Life and found myself getting smarter again. Why? Cause I was hanging around with smart people and discovering a new world together with them. I was discovering new music in a record store there. I was learning new things. Experiencing new things. And there wasn’t any snark. And no one was begging me for a link. I’m so tired of that.”
–Robert Scoble, explaining why he’s going back to (RSS) basics

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  1. Amanda Truscott says:

    Hello, this is kind of unrelated, and I’m not even really sure if you’re the Susan Mernit I’m looking for, but I’m doing a paper on Helen Adam, and I there’s a quote about her on the back of one of her books that I think comes from something you wrote in Contact II. The quote was beautifully insightful, but I’m having trouble locating the article in its entirety. If you could point me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful.

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