Quote of the Day: What other characteristics do social software websites, like digg, have in common with online, passive games like travian?

“The real poster child of web 2.0 is tagging. Every website supports it and tags now present a real alternative to traditional search. Tags and the keyword dictionarys that they create provide a domain-specific grammar that can be applied on a hyper-local level, to a specific website. For passive games, tagging doesn?t really apply. However, if we think of tagging as a way for users to express themselves online, then passive games have their own popular form of self expression, that of avatar customisation. Where tags give every user a way of personalising a website (which, in terms of growing up, proves that we?re at The Age of Point at Things), avatars give players a way of differentiating themselves from every other player in the game.”

–Duncan Gough, writing on Suttree on about “Casual Games and Social Software”–and there’s lots of great thinking here.

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  1. badgerbag says:

    Oh wow. I love that. “The Age of Point at Things.” So true!

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