Does user generated content suck?

Post yesterday from Derek Powazek, who says UGC is a phrase better suited for robots and packing peanuts , and that it’s not reflective of what all of us are really creating.
Derek’s preferred buzzword de choice? Authentic Media.
He says:
“Authentic media comes to you unfiltered by the global brands and conglomerates that have taken over the mainstream media. Authentic media is the raw, first-person narrative you can find on blogs and homepages. Authentic media is what happens when the mediators get out of the way and give the mic over to the people who actually have something to say.
The best part about this phrase? It paints the rest of the mediascape as inauthentic.”
It’s ironic we choose inauthentic words to describe vibrant activities–so I agree with Derek–Wouldn’t it be nice if the jargon police could extract UGC from the digerati’s and insert someother phrase instead? Participatory media? Do it yourself content?
Anyone have a favorite phrase? And why did we get stuck with UGC?

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  1. Dossy Shiobara says:

    I’m still a big fan of “amateur content” as the descriptive term.
    I know, “amateur” has a negative connotation associated with it, but by definition, it IS the best word to describe exactly what we’re talking about.

  2. mobile jones says:

    It’s a tip of the ice berg question.
    I tried to reveal more of the berg below the surface. There much to discuss on the roles and distinctions of distributed media production.
    I used to like the phrase Social Media, but that leads one to neglect the commerical purposes of independent producers as does the word amateur or user. It’s a sticky wicket to be sure.

  3. Adam Weinroth says:

    Participatory Media is my phrase of choice, at least this week. Ultimately it doesn’t matter since Derek, you, me and anyone who cares knows exactly what is meant by UGC.

  4. Gordon says:

    Authentic Media by Disney. Still works. It’s authentic to DISNEY so I don’t like this term.
    No alternatives to offer mind you as I really REALLY can’t stand the ‘name’ game. Content is content is content. UGC is, at worst, technically accurate.

  5. Scott Rafer says:

    Derrick over at Intercasting pitched in “Edge of the Network Media” which is about the same as UGC to me. It’s not a criticism. Att least he proposed a solution whereas I’m not able to.
    We need to find a term that makes sense to normal human beings. They don’t see themselves to be at the edge of the network. They don’t necessarily thing of themselvers as “users” or “content generators.” The metaphor that has worked the best in the online world so far appears to be “my pages.” People think they understand what their MyYahoo page is. How do we extend that from reading to writing?

  6. John Rourke says:

    I coined a phrase four years ago that is a twist on the how-to-make-money phrase from the financially leveraged buyouts of the 1980s. Instead of creating wealth creation through “OPM” or “Other People’s Money” (a Broadway play and movie based on this) my phrase today to create wealth and describe this media is “OPC” or “Other People’s Content.”

  7. Scott Rafer says:

    Reading the Toffler review in today’s NYT book review, I think the solution might be the old standby of “prosumer” as in “prosumer media.”

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