Niall Kennedy: Facebook enters the workplace

New Microsoft employee Niall Kennedy’s got a post on how Facebook now allows registration from certain corporations–Microsoft being one of them. The Facebook registration page allows would-be registrants to select “Work” as one of their network choices–but when I tried to sign up with my Yahoo ID, it said my school wasn’t being supported (Darn!)
Mike Arrington’s got an older post that says 85% of all college students use the site–a number that seems waayy too high to me–But be that as it may, there’s no doubt that Facebook has the ability to pick out so called “elite” (read Fortune 500) companies and build the kinds of networks (and alunmi links) LinkedIn is trying to hard to create.
Pretty shrewd, eh?
Update: Two more cents from the comments on Mike’s post–“Like it or not, the workplace is a very active social environment. This allows facebook to ?grow? with their users. It?s been said before, the exclusive domain-based envirnoment facebook is based on, is a major competative advantage for them. ”
Amen, brother.

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  1. Judah Wilson says:

    My name is Judah Wilson and I am the CEO of I was going to start a site similar to Facebook 2 months before Zuckerberg, but I was beat to the market. Instead, I have launched what will be the alternative to Facebook. Our directory connects individuals and businesses from the top 20 schools in the country. What the Facebook doesn’t understand, is that they have undercut their market. As soon as privacy issues became a factor, and students started limiting who could view their profiles, the site began to collapse. Who is going to stop using Facebook first? Answer: The students who have more to lose (top 20 students). Our site is not elitist, it simply recognizes which users will (have?) left Facebook already. We will accomplish what should have begun along time ago: joining together the alumni networks of the top 20 schools in the country. Facebook has overstepped their boundary, and is losing their initial market. Students and alumni have begun registering for our site, and we anticipate higher numbers in the weeks to come. Our apologies to Facebook, but stick to what you know best Mark.

  2. Mark Ellstad says:

    I totally agree about Facebook sticking to what they know. I think this move seriously calls into question how well Facebook knows its students.

  3. Genie Rhathke says:

    I don’t think your site will be honest, I think Facebook got their first and people will say your site is elitist…I wouldn’t join, but then again, I don’t go to a top 20 school.

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