Quote of the Day 2–Structured Blogging

In Part 1 of the Structured Blogging project, we did an initial pass at providing a toolset for microformats – with an starter set of code libraries and plugins. Now we want to expand the base of libraries and plugins, add APIs and build out some compelling end-user examples.
In Part 2 of the Structured Blogging project, we want to enable people to DO things with microformats. Structured Blogging is all about providing end-users with solutions, enabling them to use microformats and microcontent.”
–Marc Canter and Richard MacManus, writing about structured blogging initiatives.
Bonus: More on microcontent formats and how to make them right here.

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  1. raju says:

    So this is phase 2 of the Structured Blogging project. There are plugins for MT and WordPress, the new website is up and the strategy is to get the community involved to lower the costs which are covered by PubSub and Broadband Mechanics right now. But the benefits of blogging structured content have to be know by broader audience to make SB take off. Let’s see where Structured Blogging will be heading this year. We for our part will try do get a SB community going in Berlin & Germany.

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