The new edge of structured blogging

Bob Wyman’s got a dead on post about edgeio and the importance of structured blogging, microformats and tagged data–
A quick quote: “In the world of Structured Blogging, you compete not by “capturing” people’s data within your proprietary system but by providing better service to data published on the open web and accessible to all your competitors. The source of competitive advantage is in providing the best service, not in building high walls around other people’s data. ”
(In other words, edegio enables users to work within a structured blogging microformat to create for sale content that can be published via edgeio’s listing tag–this data is then published on edegio or published on a blog and made discoverable through a search against the tag and the data in the listing.)
Wyman compares the ease and elegance of this system as a means to access structured data in a way that is equivalent to how search engines spider and index unstructured web page data.
While a larger discussion is ongoing about permission-based scraping, etc–the bottom line is that sites like edegio are the first examples of how structured blogging, microformats and new sorts of tags can create new business opportunities for listings in a way that is both disruptive to what Wyman calls the *walled gardens*–the Craigslists and eBays–and profoundly exciting in terms of new business growth.
Update: MacManus on the new site.