The power of Burning Man

So I keep getting interesting comments on my “Thinking of going to Burning Manpost. So I checked, and this post is # 7 in a Google search for ‘going to burning man.’
Page Rank is a loop, folks.
Get yourself up there and people keep finding you.
Interestingly, my blog post is nowhere on the Yahoo search for the same term–is this a comment on how Y search indexes, or that Google favors my blogspot host?

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  1. lizriz says:

    I get page rank 5 love from Google and next to no love from Yahoo. I suspect that Yahoo pushes blogs down instead of up.
    It really is a shame, because there are plenty of times when the content on blogs (rather than stores or businesses) really is exactly what someone is looking for. For example, all the women looking for IUD information that hit my IUD post – which provides them with a personal story and links to that “expert” content everyone’s always yapping about. Plus, I get and respond to emails about IUDs and doctors in L.A. all the time. But if they searched on Yahoo, bet they don’t find me.

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