Will wonders never cease: Backfence buys Bayosphere

Heather Green’s got the story that local platform Backfence has acquired Palo Alto experiment Bayosphere from Dan Gillmor and that Gillmor will blog for them–If I were an exec at the San Jose Mercury News–or the SF Chronicle–or some other local newspaper, I would run, not walk to make a strategic alliance with these folks once my managers figured out if they were selling me or slashing staff or whatever.

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  1. Randy says:

    Dan Gillmor seems like a really interesting guy, and I’m not surprised he seems to be much in demand of late. I’d love to have a conversation with him one day – if he is ever in one place long enough to have one, that is…

  2. Melanie says:

    Backfence “buys” Bayosphere? Really? Isn’t it more like Omidyar consolidating 2 less than sparkling investments?

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