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Cyberjournalist: WashingtonPost says 1/3rd of referrals are from blogs. (Susan sez: Wonder what the numbers are for the NYTimes, WSJ, and SFgate?)
Online Journalism News UK) says that Guardian’s Comment is Free news site is growing faster than Huffington Post–specifically, there have been more than 50,000 reader comments and two million monthly page impressions since the site went live in March.
Steve Rubel: I’ll be writing a monthly column for Ad Age Digital. He says “I believe this is another sign that advertising, brand marketing, public relations are becoming one big mush.”
Netsquared: Roland Tanglao is in the house this week, along with lots of other smart folk. This is going to be a very cool conference.
Boomer Venture Summit–June 20th, Santa Clara–sounds interesting–even if it’s ALL VCs.

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  1. Roland Tanglao says:

    sorry i missed you at Net2
    maybe at BloggerCon?

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