goes from start-up to role model for 2.0 biz

Could there be any better kick-off for the recognition that women bloggers–and women-blogger positive enterprise–is both good practice–and big business–than the detailed–and thoroughly researched article in this Sunday’s Contra Costa Times?
Lisa, J ory and Elisa hit a vein when they started BlogHer last year and now are building our a market at the same time they empower a wider range of female voices via a conference, an ad network, a community forum, blogrolls, and more.
One of the pithy quotes of the moment from the Contra Costa article: “It’s still early going, but BlogHer has taken off like Carrie Bradshaw in pursuit of a pair of Manolo Blahniks, kicking off with last year’s sold-out conference attended by 300-plus women bloggers from around the country and supported by such major corporate heavyweights as Yahoo and Google. More than double that many women bloggers plan to attend BlogHer’s second annual conference this July in San Jose.”
It’s a good article about a great group of people, doing important things–and building a powerful business franchise.
(Disclosure: I am on the conference committee for BlogHer, close with the founders, and rabidly enthused about the whole thing…)

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    Rabidly excited describes how I feel too.

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