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Bill Burnham has an interesting post on Persistent Search and why it matters (and what it takes to do it.) Burnham writes “Persistent Search presents search companies with the opportunity to build rich, persistent relationships with their users. The search engine that captures a user?s persistent searches will not only have regular, automatic exposure to that user, but they will be able to build a much better understanding of the unique needs and interests of that user which should theoretically enable them to sell more relevant ads and services at higher prices” and goes on to say that while PubSub, T echnorati and others are in the game, the best persistent search company hasn’t yet been built.
Burnham says persistent search is the next big thing, but I am not convincedthat anyone in the search space–except perhaps Google–is going to follow PubSub into this space.

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  1. Scott Rafer says:

    I hope he invests heavily in Persistent search startups. They can all fight for Kopelman’s 56351 users until somebody figures out how to take “Search” out of the user interface. People need ongoing updates about their interests in passions, but real human beings don’t associate that urge with search, and they aren’t going to start.

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