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“…let me lay it out for you: where we’re going, there are no products. There will be communities, just like there’s always been -and no room for your AJAX-featuring, web2.0-compliant, tagrified monstrosity of an interface-being-passed-off-as-a-business-model.
Yes, there will be new communities that span across new amounts of geography and understanding that maintain immediate, uninterrupted connections, but those ‘re about the only differences from the communities of people that have ruled for ages. If you want to build a product for today and tomorrow’s markets and somehow make money doing it (so you can keep on doing what you love), you either need to find a pre-existing community or cultivate a new one. Just like buying vines from an existing vineyard or creating your own. But it starts — and ends –with community. Not some ego-stroking super-smaht business model.”
Winecamp and BarCamp organizer Chris Messina, ex- flock,writing on why community counts the most

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