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“Over the last several weeks, I’ve been on several phone pitches from west-coast companies that are looking to be the ‘ flickr of XXXX’ or ‘like del.icio.us but YYYY?’or ‘the Digg killer?. It got me thinking –how many people outside of the valley have ever heard of these companies? I asked a bunch of local (Philly-area) acquaintances and the answer came back loud and clear: none — nada – zip. People here have barely heard of Myspace and Craigslist, let alone any of the ‘hot’ Web 2.0 companies….
…If we could get access to the usage logs of the top 10 Web 2.0 properties, I would bet that their 10,000 most active users would all be the same.”
–Josh Kopelman, RedEye VC

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  1. Rex Hammock says:

    Speaking as one who lives in Nashville — about as middle America as it gets — your point is spot on. I think you could find a small group of tech-centric folks in most any place in America who could discuss the nuances of Web 2.0 companies — but among the “real people” I know, even Flickr remains a mystery. Heck, I’m still be asked to make presentations to groups on “What is blogging?” It is a long journey from getting mentioned on TechCrunch or Techmeme or Digg or /. to having more than a core group of geeks know you exist.

  2. Rex Hammock says:

    Clarification: As you we’re quoting Josh Kopelman, I guess I should have said “his point is spot on.”

  3. Paul Gibler says:

    As another reader in flyover country… Madison, WI to be precise, I can tell you that in my local and regional presentations (most recently in Peoria, Appleton and Madison), I’m finding and generating increasing awareness of these Web 2.0 companies and concepts among marketers and those interested in technology and e-business trends.
    We might not be part of “the Valley”, but Josh at the VC referenced, might also do well to get out from behind the blinders of the coasts to see where people are at with their social networking technology adoption and understanding.

  4. Idea, Execution, Profit says:

    There are widespread use of these even in India. Orkut is used by most college students in India that have access to Internet. And it is very active community.

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