TechCrunch Goes Engadget and it looks good

Mike Arrington and the growing TechCrunch team pushed a new site design live last night and it’s as crisp, easy to read, and professional as one would want the leading daily covering Web 2.0 and start up land to be. In addition to the crisp design, the site’s become 100% more advertiser-friendly, meaning that top blogger Mike now has slots online for all those eager sponsors.
I love seeing Mike turn what started out as a way to understand the Valley turn into it’s very own Gawker-Weblogs IncChris Shipley like enterprise–based on the sheer energy and intelligence Mike brings to the work and his keen understanding both of what readers hope for and companies need…
Mike, you’ve done anazming job in the past year, carving out a space you’ve helped define. Congrats!