Yahoo! Analyst’s’ Day preso

Here’s the 188 page preso from Wednesday’s Yahoo ! Analysts’ Day. Nothing like downloading a nice big fat deck to get the 50,000 foot view–it’s all about talent, globalization, monetization and next generation product strategy (damn right on that one!)

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  1. John S. Rhodes says:

    This is a really nice overview of where Yahoo is right now and where they are going. If you do any work with large portals, this is invaluable material.
    One of the interesting points is that they claim they are a media company but they are very focused on things that are not directly media, such as capabilities and platforms. The reason is that technology enables them. Furthermore, I like that they really focus on users and usability first, then explain or demonstrate how technology makes the magic happen.

  2. Adil D. says:

    Hi Susan,
    Do you by any chance have a copy of the presentation? I clicked on the link in the original post to the presentation, and it is no longer available at

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