Yahoo: New home page up for viewing

So the long-anticipated Spirit project is live on the web today–Yep, the new Yahoo home page is available for public viewing–There’s more content, a really fancy tour, and lotsa links to aspplications like mail.
Funny thing is, bright and spiffy as it looks, and as mch as the usability is 200% better, it does remind me of the home page–only a lot better looking of course and with cooler user generated content hooks.
Update: Richard MacManus talks to the Yahoo!s leading the charge–Tapan Bhat and CPO Ash Patel. Rchard says “There’s plenty of Ajax magic to make the Yahoo homepage more interactive – and Yahoo has made a big effort to make the user the primary focus of the new homepage.”
Yahoo! Havi Hoffman writes: “The new home page reflects Yahoo!’s unique position at the intersection of people, media, and knowledge. It presents better access to information and the stuff of our lives, and more individual choice about the appearance of the page, thanks to Ajax, DHTML, and personalization technology.”
And folks–THAT’s what Yahoo! does better than any of the big guys–cool tool, integrated services, user at the core. 2.0 , Babe, 2.0 (Okay, maybe even 3.0)

5/18 update: Scott Gatz on some neat features