At BoggerconIV Day 2

Dave says Jay Rosen is the only person who’s been to all of them…I think I’ve been to three of the four.
This Bloggercon is going great for me; it feels more like a big meeting/discussion than a conference, with very knowledgeable people in the room with a slightly ore diverse set of perspectives than I might have expected–the tech folks, the citizen journalists, and a sprinkling of mommy-bloggers, non-profit identified bloggers and some (very welcome) newbies.
What worked in Day 1? Phil Torrone’s passionate discussion of making stuff; Jay Rosen’s wonderfully focused discussion on citizen journalism and powering up from the grassroots; the tail end of Lisa William’s Emotional Life discussion (confession: I missed most of it); the lively hallway and dinner-time discussions among knots of people overjoyed to connect.
Some of the sharpest hot shots aren’t here and many of the most venture-driven tech entrepreneurs are missing, so the hype factor seems low (compared to a Web 2.0 conference, for example….I bet Supernova is sucking off some people on that side..and BarCamp on the other)
What’s been coolest for me in the past 24 is the reinforcing of the sense of community here..Yes, it’s fragile and fragmented and sometimes contentious, but it is real and consistent and most importantly, consistent–or maybe persistent.
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