Bloggercon, then Gnomedex

I’m really looking forward to Bloggercon this weekend, and to Gnomedex end of next week. And maybe a little BarCamp. I’ve been busy at work, head down, thinking about personals, social media, structured data, free text, communities, and just about every other possible element of a relationship-focused service and then trying to get the roadmaps and production schedules set for our products–stepping back for a couple days to actually listen to people from outside my usual circles talk about their passionate ideas will be a complete pleasure (yes, I am feeling the echo chamber a little these days…)
So, if you are around and would like to meet up, please get in touch! (And I mean everyone, whether you’re local or not…I am definitely not getting out enough…)
Update: Did you know it’s San Francisco Geek Week? yeah!

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  1. william grosso says:

    Well, if you want to enter a different sort of echo chamber, we still owe you dinner.
    Bill (and Sarah)

  2. Mary Tsao says:

    Looking forward to seeing you (and Lisa) at Bloggercon, Susan.

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