Community and its value

And one more thing–This is a good moment to say how great it is–and how much I learn–from being a part of the social media/emerging technology/ user-focused kieretsu. So many good people, so much passion and ideas.

L isa Williams has been here for the weekend, and our friendship is a great example of how technology tools (from the telephone to blogging) just help reinforce–and support– a friendship with someone who lives 3,000 miles away.

Lisa is a rockstar, and it’s been great to spend more time with her (once more).At dinner last night, Lisa & I got to hang with a super-smart crew of disruptive folks (you know who you are), tell way back stories, and think about how to change the world with cool tools while eating pretty decent Chinese food–then go home and talk for hours.After too many years of crossing the country for one dotbomb or another, my sense of place–and affinity with some alternative Bay area creative geekery–is coming on strong, and it feels damn good.

Update: Blogger chewed up this post, ugh!