Da Yahoos: Bradley’s got a brand new bag

Yahoo’s Bradley Horowitz’s announced the news he’s leading a whole bevvy of product groups inside the CPO (Chief Product Officer) organization.
Bradley also names the (new) senior members and org of his team:
Yahoo! Developer Network – led by Chad Dickerson
Technology Development Group – led by Caterina Fake
Advanced Products Group – led by Scott Gatz
Yahoo Research Berkeley – led by Ellen Salisbury
Product Practices Group – led by Irene Au
Y! Agile Process Group – led by Gabby Benefield
Over at Personals, we have been working with many of these teams, tapping into the smarts, and hope to do much more–Yahoo is working to embrace and support product innovation, they’re hungry for it, and this is all to the good for our business, so folks, bring it on.