Josh Kornbluth: Slimed on myspace

danah boyd’s writings on myspace and identity take on new resonance after reading writer/performer Josh Kornbluth’s account of how his identity was stolen on myspace and he couldn’t get out of customer service hell.
Josh writes: “On Saturday afternoon, Michael Isip called me again. There was now another ?profile? on MySpace, again purporting to be me and again containing disgusting materials. And a whole bunch of my colleagues at KQED had received two additional emails, purportedly from two new people, expressing chagrin that KQED would be harboring such a nefarious person as myself on its payroll.” He tells the story of getting lost in customer service, having no one be responsive to him, and getting in trouble at work. And then….
Read on for what is even a higher level of Dell Hell.
(Via Scott Rosenberg)