PubSub Trainwreck: Save Bob Wyman–from himself

As PubSub winds down, the finger-pointing by one of the founders intensifies–and the victim of a very public campaign of smearing and innuendo is the other co-founder, Salim Ismail. I just read CTO Bob Wyman’s comments about the sorry state PubSub has come to–and his explanation of the cause, and am shocked at his publishing this.
I’ve known both Bob and Salim for some years now, and have become good friends with Salim over time and have found him to be a consistently honorable and engaging person. I also think this outburst says more about Bob Wyman’s need to get a grip than anything else. Given the very public tantrum Bob’s posted, I would suspect anyone who wanted the PubSub IP would want an iron-clad guarantee that Bob was safely out of the picture as assurance this kind of public smearing would not happen to them down the road.