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“What if you wanted to integrate your MySpace, Yahoo and MingleNow (if it makes the cut) relationships and data. Where are the standards that make your personal networks portable? Where are the import/export buttons? ”
–Dan Farber, reflecting on how social networks are the next big thing–and roach motels.

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  1. Jackson West says:

    I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now — after Friendster begat Tribe begat Orkut begat Dodgeball begat MySpace, etc. (not to mention Flickr buddies, blogrolls, etc.). Their is a standard, of sorts, called FOAF (Friend of a Friend), but almost no support for it whatsoever. I even had some pipe dreams of creating bots to scrape my old networks so that I could easily add them to new products.
    Instead, we’re seeing nasty walled gardens (though I like your ‘roach motels’ a lot better). I no longer sign up to new social networks for this very reason, or encourage others too. And it goes beyond friend connectivity — proprietary messaging systems (instead of just anonymized email gateways and IM standards), etc. Bah and humbug, I do say.

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