Quote of the Day

“… the opportunities are out there to make significant money on the Web, which is – let’s face it – driving a lot of this ‘web 2.0’ mania. Oh it’s a bubble, for sure. But it’s funny that this page views model is at its foundation almost identical to the Dot Com days (bubble 1.0). Drive as many users to your site as humanly possible – that’s the modus operandi of all websites, web 2.0 or not. The main difference I can see is that in the dot com days, this rush for page views was a ‘land grab’ and there wasn’t as big an opportunity to monetize it with advertising. The idea back then (late 90’s, early 21st century) was to gather as many users as possible and then do an IPO – monetizing would presumably come later. Which actually has worked out to be the case for the survivers (Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, etc).
These days, 2005-06-onwards, the idea is very much to – you guessed it – gather as many users as possible. Only this time you can monetize them with Google ads, or your own advertisers/sponsors.”
Richard MacManus, writing on how the bubble is back, along with serious $$–this time for successful bloggers–call that addictively successful and compelling bloggers.
Bonus: Richard is coming to Silicon Valley later this week for another visit–he rocks! Look for him at gnomedex, bloggercon, etc.