Seattle: First impressions

Walked down to the Pike Street Public Market from 4th Avenue, amazed at how different this part of Seattle feels from San Francisco–or Vancouver.
First of all, mega street people everywhere; secondly, way more alt-style on the passersby–scrag beards, soupstrainers, mohawks, shaved sides among the hair de choice for men, women very outdoorsy or alternative in that their hair flows long and loose (in a way that seems somewhere between earth goddess and farm girl in my book) and the shoes are all sandally.
And the coffee shops–more Starbucks, lotsa Tullys, mucho indie shops–one would expect the bio-fuel of choice in this town to be French Roast.
(And yes, the market was fun…the cherries are in season, and there’s Dungess crab sandwiches, and bad street musicians, and what’s not to like?)

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  1. Michael Fagan says:

    I’m guessing you’re gone after the conference? I’m away from seattle until Wednesday, but it’d be nice to say hi to some of my bay area friends.

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