Zawodny’s diet

Jeremy Zwadony’s got an inspiring post about his diet and 50-lb. weight loss over the past year, with links to some interesting places– Calorie King, The Hacker’s Diet, and Jeff Sandquists blog.
The Hacker’s Diet is a trip, with neat geeky descriptions, tips on watching portions, etc. and Jeremy credits it with his own diet success.
One of the cool things about J’s post–and the comments on it–is how much the voices here are guys commenting on weight loss, diet, and health–a refreshing change from what I usually read in women’s magazines–much more matter of fact and analytical. I;’ll be checking in to read the ‘how I made this work for me’ posts over the coming week.

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  1. Chris Pirillo says:

    I started in March at 173, and am now “Captain 145” in June. Didn’t take much, really.

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