Attack of the 50 foot trolls: Emily and Amanda

Welcome to the latest wrinkle of digital living: fake people with agendas to push–no, make that fake bloggers.
Apparently, both Amanda Chapel and * Emily* are real world sims–fake personalities with scripted story lines and writers who go engage real life bloggers as a way to push a commercial agenda.
Does this mean we’re entering a time when your search history affirms your wuffie, a la Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom?
Me thinks yes.

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  1. jr says:

    Yes the attention economy requires you to have some sort of currency, Wuffie fits the bill. Please also note that Karma does not because it is vertical and limited only to one site.

  2. Liz Henry says:

    I suggested this idea to be part of a SWSWi 2007 panel on fiction and blogging. People were talking about “character blogging” a while ago, too, on Amy Gahran’s blog and elsewhere… it seems inevitable!

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