July 4th…Home from Seattle

Came back from 4 1/2 days in Seattle last night–what a great time! Gnomedex felt totally worthwhile–had very interesting conversations with a bunch of folks I know, including Hslley Suitt, Julie Leung, Scott Rafer and John Furrier, had more conversations with folks I am getting to know, like Shannon Clark and Chris Heur, and met some interesting people I hadn’t known–Phillip Kaplan, Ethan Kaplan, Elizabeth Lewin and Darren Barefoot definitely being on that list (along with many others).
After the conference and the (very convival) Scoble BBQ (thanks. guys!), my old friends picked me up and carried me off. After a great dinner at the Hilltop AleHouse in Queen Anne , they proceeded to take me on a tour of local parks where one could view the sunset–from Kerry Park (virtual tour here) to more rustic–and charming– Carkeek Park. Then it was back to their house, where the newly installed deck looked out over the bay, the trees were old and tall, and the sun was (still bright). Is there anything as sweet as reconnecting with old friends and seeing where life has taken then when you looked sideways?
Conclusion: I had a great weekend and Seattle is amazing–this has to become the next place I explore in detail–the mix of city on the edge of the woods and mountains and access to lots of water seems irrestible.

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  1. Julie says:

    It was great to see you Susan! Thanks for hanging out together. I’m glad you could see Seattle! Next time, Bainbridge Island :-)…

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