More on BlogHer Day 1

The wifi isn’t working. And there’s a shortage of wireless mikes. Maybe the Hyatt wasn’t the best choice…Maybe the sessions(some of them) are a little too loose–But hey, I am feeling great about the day–the positive energy, the interesting conversations–and, once again, I am in awe of the Lisa/Elisa/Jory team work–these three seriously rock.
I’m in a session right now with Lisa Stone and Lynn Johnson that Lisa is calling *a writing class*.
They’re critiquing headlines from blogs and news stories, urging the bloggers in the room to be accurate in their headlines and ensure the payoff; also commenting on “link whoredom” and how putting celebrities in your headlines (for example) can drive SEO traffic to your site, big time.
The audience is listerning quietly and commenting; mood is gentle and kinda slow but with humor. Now under discussion: web searches and SEO.
Update: Waiting for the flickr photos to come in–latest links to conference photos here and here.