My talk at Gnomedex: Look back

So, it’s over. My first Gnomedex talk, and the one where I chose to discuss identity, sex and relationships–not microformats.
The Look Back
How did it go?
Pretty well.
How did the audience react?
As one blogger said, there was no way the room full of (mostly) male geeks felt ready to share their own thoughts and feelings about such personal stories on the web–people in the audience seemed far more focused on the possibility that anything one exposed–under your own name–like smutty jokes from when you were 14–would live in Google’s search results forever and make employers and investors made and ruin your reputation ( Pud, aka Phil Kaplan, amusingly refuted this one during the Q&A, thank you).
So once I got over the fact there wasn’t going to be a big open discussion with everyone jumping right in (did I really think that?), it was all good–There’s nothing like dancing on the edge of your comfort zone in public, right?
I made the points I wanted to make and shared what seemed appropriate–And my talk hopefull added some fresh thinking to the conference.
All afternoon, post session, people kept coming up to me and sharing comments and stories, so final cut would be that this topic was hard to talk about in public, but that many folks had much to say…just not in a group.
The Look Ahead
Blogher is coming up in a few weeks and I hope to have a similar discussion within Halley, Melissa and Susie’s ROYO session (or somewhere)…Identity, persona, safety, voice are topics that continue to interest me, and exploring how they function as cornerstones for online personal expressions is a conversation I want to continue to have.
PS. Chris and Ponzi, this was a blast–thank you!

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  1. Colette says:

    Fun and provocative discussion at Gnomdex. I’m not surprised you’ve gotten some people coming up after the discussion to share the stories they were uncomfortable sharing in the room. Also, great job of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations! That has been my mantra all year.

  2. Dacia says:

    Is it possible to get either a recording or a transcript of this discussion? I’m really interested in checking it out.

  3. Bryan Zug says:

    Susan — Really enjoyed your gnomedex talk and our later discussion at EMP. Here are the links to the poem I mentioned during your session and some further reflection.
    the poem
    me too conversations

  4. Guido says:

    It would great to get either a recording, preso or a transcript of this discussion. I’m also really interested in understanding the issues. Many thanks!

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