NBC buying Tribe: The Deal is Real

Yep, NBC really is buying Tribe–just think what iVillage and Tribe will do to their dream of going up against NewsCorp, TV Guide and MySpace!
(This is like the media armies of the east lining up on the great plain of user generated (video) content, ready to do battle).
A source who cannot be named, but who is truly in the know, confirmed the deal for me today…
Interesting, isn’t it?

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  1. Jeff Clavier says:

    Any idea of the consideration ?

  2. GetReal says:

    Um, not really interesting at all actually. Tribe vs. MySpace = armies lining up? Total sale price was around $5 million.

  3. Anon says:

    Not everyone reads Valleywag, Nick. Sheesh…

  4. p-air says:

    Truth, sadly, is a relative term and in the case of journalism, has required two independent sources confirm any story. There is a reason for this, but it does seem to have grown lax in the blogosphere and it concerns me a great deal.
    Now bringing Rafat as evidence of credibility doesn’t play well considering his Feb. 24 titled “Tribe.net Bags Another $3 Million” was presented as current news when it had in effect occurred over 11 months earlier. As well, some so-called inside info he provided on the Friendster failed transaction with Viacom and others back in Dec. 2005 was also incorrect (w/confidential sources and all).
    The issue here is that readers are getting these versions of unsubstantiated truths with no sources and no referenceable evidence, hence I’d submit that this can play as rumor or gossip, and it definitely should remain in the realm of tabloid news until it can be independently verified.
    The question for you is, why would any one (me in this case) think that this transaction is not likely to happen? Hmmm…

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