MySpace and Fox: MUST READ article in The Hollywood Reporter by Diana Mermigas
Marketwatch: TeenPeople qutting magazine biz,going web only.
BizWeek: Facebook and iTunes go back to school for a 10MM music samplers giveaway.
Reuters/WashPo: Yahoo hires scientist to run social seach research. “At Yahoo you have this unique opportunity to integrate conventional search with Flickr,, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Mail–How do you take all this search activity and learn from it?” says Raghu Ramakrishnan, the new hire.

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  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for the Hollywood Reporter article. As someone totally outside the business, I’ve found MySpace’s current search capabilities worse than anything I’ve seen on the Web for a decade, so they’d better partner with someone on it.

  2. Alan says:

    Great article. I agree about the search on myspace.
    They also need to buy a bunch more servers and backup generators. The system has been down or slow for over a week. At a million dollars a day in ad revenue, one would think they have a few bucks to ensure that pages will serve.

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