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” I now think of most people by their screen names. Even when I see them in person.”
–24 year old Theodora Stites, writing in the NY Times about the virtual intimacy and always connected energy that MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Dodgeball, SecondLife, etc., offer her and her friends.

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  1. Rex Hammock says:

    I guess that means it’s time for me to change my screen name.

  2. jr says:

    Interesting. I have multiple screen names plus several real life names. I’m scattered all over the worlds and each is but a small portion of who I am. The best social application would allow all these to merge back into a whole person.
    I find it bothersome that my online persona which in many ways is more to the point, it lost when I am out in public or having to go by my real name.

  3. Jason Shellen says:

    I call people at work by their IM handles like ‘kimmy1981’ or ‘jeffreygoogle’. It’s an illness.

  4. Farhad M says:

    It fascinates me to see that we (techie humans) are growingly moving towards the virtual world, whether through identifying each other by “screen names”, or by creating completely different personalities in “Second Life”.
    Think of the affect of virtual personalities on interpersonal morality in the virtual world!!!

  5. Brian Dear says:

    It was this way on PLATO in the 1970s. PLATO users would often remark that you knew people more by their “signons” (their user names) than by their real names. When you finally met someone face to face, it was awkward to refer to their real name and not just use their signon.

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