My vacation update, aka Hamptons report

So I’ve been in the Hamptons with the family for 5 days now, going to the beach, walking, eating, talking, seeing friends, etc.
I was a tad ambivalent about this trip before I came out, because last year I had three instances of tourist rage aka bad visitor attitude in four days–a woman threatened me in the checkout line in Old Navy, for example–but this time, everything has been amazingly mellow and calm.
The basic routine is get up, walk, have breakfast, read the paper, check email, go to the beach or some other activity, eat a late lunch, more beach, shower, casual dinner, walk or hang out a bit before going up to the room, read blogs, check email, go to sleep.
In other words, mellow and relaxing.
Still have a couple days to go, but definitely starting to think about heading back home–and anticipating getting back to work.

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  1. Mary Tsao says:

    Sounds wonderful. I’m relaxed just reading about your day.

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