Bizweek: A gushy story on digg’s kevin rose and other “punk millionaires.” Like, breathless.
CrunchBoard: TechCrunch spawns an insider’s jobs board. $200 and your job is inside.
Ted Leonsis: Ted takes over 2,0000 words to tell why AOL giving up its access business is great news.
Washington Post: Reporter takes 1200 words to explain why this great news means AOL is laying off 25% of its workforce.
Battelle’s SearchBlog: Realtime and virtual: Others Online launches–a high class way to be stalked or the coolest thing since, uh, Orkut?
Lisa William s:
How many blogs about real places are out there? Lisa bets she can find 1,000.

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  1. Lisa Williams says:

    I’ve already found 300, and I’ve only done 15 out of 50 states. My goal is to launch with at least 400, which would be an order of magnitude larger than the next largest list of “citizen media” initiatives.
    Favorite find thus far?

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