Product blogs: NY Times First Look works

I keep a running list of product blogs, many from Yahoo, and check into them occasionally–and every time I do, I’m disappointed at how weak (and boring) most of them are, day to day.
Just shows that although the concept of keeping in touch with your customers is wonderful, figuring out how to talk to them on a daily basis can be challenging.
One of the product blogs I always enjoy is from flickrheather and stuart know how to package ideas and news.
The latest product blog to capture my attention is First Look from The New York Times–this deliberately small scale effort seems like a nifty way for the Times to launch and discuss new features and products. Richard MacManus points to their discussion of the new Times Reader, a new NYTimes/Microsoft app that lets users read the NY Times electronically using advanced screen reading technology from Microsoft–and the First Look discussion seems just right.
Yep, it’s going on the blog roll.

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  1. Mathew Ingram says:

    Susan, I like the idea of the MyTimes blog too and would like to subscribe in my feedreader, but for the life of me I can’t find any way of subscribing to an RSS feed for it. Not very blog-like :-(

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