Search: AOL lets search data loose

Privacy? Who cares? One wonders if that was the conversation happening in AOL’s executive offcies when the search team p roposed releasing searches by thousands of users–and then did exactly that.
Given that what we are able tol look at is Google search used by AOL members, one wonders exactly what the team r eleasing this data meant to acconmplish. The quote:
“AOL just released the logs of all searches done by 500,000 of their users over the course of three months earlier this year. That means that if you happened to be randomly chosen as one of these users, everything you searched for from March to May (2006) is now public information on the internet.”
The links are down this am, but this sounds like a big mistake.

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  1. susan says:

    AOL…what happens to our privacy?!

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