Dogster gets funding–why?

Ted Rheingold’s labor of social network love, dogster, round of angels investors including Michael Parekh, Joshua Schachter, Adam Beguelin, Michael Tanne, Jim Young, Mike Jones, George Sarlo, Frank Caufield, Aydin Senkut, Robert Simon, Brad Feld, and Jeff Clavier.
One might ask why, but the answers make a lot of sense:
1) What are the connector tools for people who don’t want to use myspace and whose interest isn’t job-related–and who don’t blog?
2) How does someone more mainstream figure out how to navigate all these big, ill-defined social networking sites–in other words, how does Joe Average over 35 make sense of Yahoo 360, orkut, flickr, etc? (In other words, they don’t).
dogster–and the multiples it will spawn–will be a quick and easy way for users to share info and photos about their passion–pets–and use online to organize offline–aka the real world.
And why stop there?
Simple, huh?
Damn skippy.

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  1. David says:

    Couldn’t agree more…why?

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