Heading for Hack Day in Sunnyvale

Yahoo’s first external Hack Day is tomorrow, and I am psyched at taking part. First of all, the idea of Yahoo embracing something so close to the BarCamp and/or Open Space model is cool; secondly, the idea of taking a process that’s been embraced internally and then opening it up to the world, well, that is cool as well, a new spin on open source hacking, if you will.
I am not sure who is going to be there, but there are a couple of folks I am psyched about attending–my friend Salim Ismail is going to be there and my friend Robert Mao-who is a social media entrepeneur from China–is also taking part(and I hope it blows his agile mind.) And of course Mike Arrington is MC’ing–which will be fun in itself.
Most of all, though, I hope we get some really interesting mash-ups and hacks out of this–that’s what can be the most valuable–to see what all these smart minds do with various APIs and other tools/data sets.