The new Tribe–MySpace for Grownups!

Okay, it’s 2004.
Everyone is into local citizen media.
There’s this web site,, that is filled with Burners and alternative groups.
Question of the minute becomes: How do we take this service and make it local and mainstream and make money off it somehow?
The answer never quite jells.
Okay, so now it’s 2oo6 (like, right now).
Everyone is into myspace clones.
There’s this web site,, that is filled with Burners and alternative groups.
The founder buys it back and tells the alt folk–hey, this is yours, dudes!
Question of the moment–How many of you all alternative over 25s wanna go play at Tribe, the (potential) new myspace for grown-ups?
(Susan sez: Three newspapers invested in back in the community days, then Mark bought it back. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Mark makes it work as a myspace alternative (and he totally can) and then someone else acquires it as their social media/network play?)

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  1. David Evans says:

    While promising, the jury is totally out on Tribe bouncing back. As a 30-something net.head I’ve found several Myspace alternatives like HeyLetsgo which do the trick for me. Tribe may continue to grab the alternative, Burner crowd, which will limit it’s appeal as an acquisition target in the future.

  2. Ann Handley says: has a great domain, if nothing else. With a little retooling and repositioning, it just might work.
    Of course, MySpace is already filled with lots of grownups — Fortune says that 52 percent of its users are over 35.

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