Ev Williams buys back his start ups

In the department of now this is cool, ex-Blogger/Googlers Ev Williams (and new partner Biz Stone) have reclaimed start ups Odeo and Twitter from their VC funding, taking back control and starting the obvious corp (no irony there.)
Ev sez: “Nearly everyone I know in the Internet business is either at one of the giants, wishing they were at a startup, or at a startup that hopes get bought by a giant ” and goes on to explain that the new company will build small services, make them profitable through ads and suscriptions and then maybe spin them out–in other words–a nice self-funded platform incubator.
On the new web site, the copy says the company was started out of “The desire to create great products that are innovative, beautiful and make a difference to tons of people. And the desire to create an environment for working that is equally innovative in a way that leads to greater success, sustainability, and satisfaction for both the company and its people. ”
Susan sez: Seems like those are great motivatives for everyone working in consunmer-focused technology today, where at companies big or small. And yeah, this is cool.