Fortune: Speculating on Yahoo’s next moves

Adam Lashinsky in Fortune rings the changes on what Yahoo might could do to make the Street happier–which he says means showing deal momenteum. Lashinsky’s top maybes:

Susan sez: I don’t agree deal momentum is the answer, not unless it’s a great deal, and buying AOL would not fit that in my book. (Buying AOL would be losing the war over 18-34, imho). Also, I’m not sure that what Yahoo needs most are more eyeballs(AOL) or a mature platform(eBay).

Seems to me the game is about great new platforms and products and the audiences they can command (and the new revenue models they can help create). Yahoo is better off, imho, doing that on its own, or making shrewd small-company portfolio buys and then growing those businessness.

(Disclaimer/reminder: I work for YHOO, but not in an area related to any of the above).