Google and Yahoo and Facebook and everybody else–Impacts of the GTube deal

Om Malik has a good post this morning called Goobed in which he talks about how wrong he was about the Google-YouTube deal and asks if this means Yahoo will “make a move”–which I take to mean buy Facebook, given the rumors in the press. (Note here: When it comes to corporate stuff like this, I don’t have a clue, this is my idle speculation.)
It’s interesting to speculate on what the big players might feel impelled to do in terms of their own roll up of either social media sites or video search engines and platforms.
Some guesses:
Microsoft will do nothing on the social network side of things….but might buy a tech company like…???
AOL will say they did it all already, go in a different direction and decide to buy, say, or
The big media companies without a video platform will start looking around in a panic–I predict one of them–maybe The New York Times?–will acquire Brightcove.
CNET, never one to miss a trend, will acquire something small and then leverage it. Reuters will consider doing the same–but will hold off.
The point here is that lots of big players–or want to be big players–will feel the need to respond to the GTube deal with a move of their own–but it won’t always be the best fit. Or, to put it another way, the issues around the deal that each company feels threatened by will vary widely.
And of course, what this does is send the message that not only is social networking a big thing–as in major mainstream–but user-uploaded video (and notice I said uploaded, not created) is a huge thing, going mass market with a vengeance, at least until the copyright wars hit.
And do I think Yahoo will buy Facebook? Oddly enough, while I don’t have a clue, Google’s purchases of of YouTube would make me, if I was on the deal team look very cautiously to make sure I was putting my (big) money in exactly the right place,.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Yeh, i agree with you i think this is goin to cause microsoft and yahoo to buy some companies to try and stop google taking over all the advertising media. Could be an interesting few months, i think.
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