Marathon this weekend

So this was a bad week for walking.
Too much going on at work.
(We are getting ready to ship some cool stuff, which feels so good).
But I didn’t get my 20+ miles in.
And I have to walk 13 in minus 4 hours on Sunday.
Well, I will definitely be walking end of today–and probably cycling or cross-training some other way tomorrow.
And Sunday…that’s it..the day I’ve been working for (walking toward?).
I’ll let everyone know if I can still walk after I get (hobble?) across the finish line.
(And yes, I am now hooked…)

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  1. Yu Shan says:

    Go Susan! good luck tomorrow. I’m not going to be making my marathon planned for next weekend.

  2. GraceD says:

    You’ll do fine, Susan. Keep in mind that the upbeat, charged vibe of race day will boost your performance. (As least that’s what I’m counting on for the NYC Marathon)
    Be sure to ice your feet post race. Yes, ice. Brutal, but it eases the aching quicker than heat.
    I look forward to reading your mile by mile recap.

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