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“We’re doing something that is novel for Time Inc. Our bloggers will be directly remunerated on the basis of their traffic. They’ll be paid a modest CPM. Time Inc. will sell advertising on the individual blogs. So the bloggers will get to participate in the revenue they generate. ”
–Josh Quittner, Business 2.0 editor, explaining why 20+ staffers will follow former 2.0 staffer Om Malik’s lead and do daily blogs as part of the parent product set.
Susan sez: Quittner is upfront about wanting to capitalize on blogosphere opportunities to grow relevancy, traffic and the brand, so kudos on that, but it also suggests his tacit acknowledgement that monthly print magazines are losing both the battle and the war.

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  1. rick says:

    “paying” people to create traffic online through forums postings (ie blogging) has a long history, at least with the likes of aol (back to early 90s) and prodigy et al just before. savvy bbs’s did the same even before that. there’s little new here.

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