Gawker memo: Letting Nick Go

The NYTimes has repaid bloggerdom ‘s love of primary materials with its publication of an internal Gawker memo from editorial director Lockhart Steele to the Gawker Media editorial team, detailing why Valleywag scribe Nick Douglas was let go.
Lock’s memo is a masterpiece of detail, outlining an editorial and cultural mismatch that may be as much about NY vs Silicon Valley as Nick Douglas being too much of an edge case for Gawker(that seems hard to believe).
Susan sez: It’s a kick that the Times would run with this story, and another kick to imagine a presumably at large Nick Douglas going on to some other cool venture such as a podcasting company, a very special sort of social network, a new division of a big portal ( MSN, perhaps) or an (different) media property. Either way, no doubt Nick will land on his (talented) feet, joining up with someone whose new start up wins a spot at the next Web 3.0 poetry slam, followed by mucho VC funding.