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  1. trick says:

    are you kidding me? you think that commercial is NOT selling out? “peace, love, and GAP” ??!!
    … REALLY???
    They even got the little hand motions… can you imagine this catchin on in the street… ppl givin each other the “peace, love, and GAP” sign throughout the holiday shopping season? … and beyond?
    “the gap’s holiday joy” is a funny phrase. I would think that is only the “joy” of a corporation making a ton of money off of people who think buying stuff is a good way to show love.
    I dunno… “peace, love, and GAP” seemed obviously over-the-top selling out to me. What place does the GAP have in my life amongst the concepts of peace and love? (or even good music) … :none
    … the clothes look nice, though.

  2. Ryx says:

    This commercial is terrible, and annoying. I didn’t think there were idiots who enjoyed it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i loved the commercial

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