Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

It’s Turkey Day and I am in New York visiting family. It’s cold and rainy outside, but warm and steamy in here, where there’s a marathon cooking session underway–roasted brussel sprouts and chestnuts, free-range turkey, pumpkins/squash/pear pudding, cranberry biscuits–my sister doesn’t hold back, and I am the kitchen assistant.
Back home in California, it’s warm and sunny(I hear) and people I love are at their own holidays with friends and family, cooking/eating/talking and, hopefully, feeling the joy this season is supposed to bring.
For some of us, the happiness of the holiday always has a bit of sadness too–for people who are gone, relationships or friendships ended, dreams lost. And for everyone who’s about to be dumped into the holiday shopping frenzy (that would be everyone not living off the grid), major issues about money spent, time off, and all sorts of truly silly stuff are no doubt about to set in.
I wish everyone this holiday season the joy of appreciating themselves, their friends and family, and the good fortune they have–I feel very grateful for my own life–the family, friends, and interesting ideas–and for the chance to be here in New York with family and friends whom I love.
Happy holiday, everyone!

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  1. Casey says:

    A Happy Thanksgivng to you as well…and hey with Thanksgiving we have started our holiday celebrations….i’ve been waiting for this time all year long…i just love the holidys…hanging out with friends eating out and simply having a great time….and hey i’ve also posted a little something on my Holiday Blog too…so guy please check it out and share the holiday fun and joy!!!!

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