In NY and offline–till now

I didn’t realize till this minute that wi-fi access can be different in every room of a NYC apartment. I’ve learned this interesting fact after 1.5 days of no online access in the Bronx, a problem that a) amuses my family no end and b) makes me realize how wired/California/techie I am (as in I had to explain that my life happens online and I need access).
Tonight, desperate to check email, look at blogs, post, whatever, I’ve carried the laptop from room to room in the apartment and discovered that my nephew’s bedroom is the spot with access….the only spot.
Guess where I am now as the nephew plays with Pokemon cards? Yep, at the little table, sitting on the little chair, saving my access to the universe.
I’ll be in here all night, I predict, coming back from another visit to family down the block to go online once again, savoring what I haven’t had for the past 24-36….a reliable (and free) wi-fi link.