Jon Miller out at AOL; NBC head Randy Falco in

Paid Content (and others) have the news that Jon Miller is out at AOL and Randy Falco, President and COO of the NBC Universal Television Group, will be Chairman and CEO of AOL LLC.
The PC folk ring the changes on this pretty smoothly–the emphasis now is on maximizing ad revenue, Falco will be Bewkes’ man, etc., Miller gets credit for hanging in there.
This is pretty major stuff and my guess is that in 12 months the executive team at AOL will have a vastly different look than it does today as the change in operating styles becomes the day to day reality.
Jason Calcanis reflects some of that same belief in a post he did today about Miller’s role as his mentor, writing “I’ve gotten a bunch of press folks contacting me about my future at AOL now that Ted Leonsis and Jon Miller are no longer with the company. I’ve got nothing to say about that right now, so consider this an official “no comment.”
Susan sez: I think Falco will button AOL up in a way that hasn’t been possible for the past 5 years, but I am also curious what Jon Miller will do next. Miller inherited a company whose last CEO was a former radio executive, and whose SVPs all were worth millions–at a time when the business was tanking. He clearly did a good job engaging his team, retaining and promoting senior talent, and making hard choices. But, you know, the challenge with AOL–like many big companies–is making it move fast enough the new direction–and new blood should speed that process along.

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  1. David Lebow says:

    Are you trashing radio executives?????
    Jon did a great job, you are right. And the future is bright.

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